The Modern Version of Oedipus Rex

Oedipus by Sophocles: The Modern Version

Pages 77-82

Chorus: Be the watcher of all of us, with every deed we do, and every word we say. We are pure with respect for the laws that you have set for us. The gods above move in the sky. They were born where Heaven is in the fatherland of us, Olympus, with no mortal parents. They always know what is going on and never sleep. The gods are great and never grow old.

Rudeness got him in trouble. He was a tyrant with rudeness and vanity. He tries so hard to escape his destiny, but evil causes him to fail. He is in our defense. Yes, he had ambition, but if a man shows left with no help at all. Oh god! Apollo please help us the signs of arrogance, he will not get justice and will not be honored by the gods. Evil will take him and will be the cause of his fatal pride. If what he gains is wrong, and if what he honors does not deserve, and if vanity prevails over all, then the arrows of the gods will shoot him down. If what he does is accepted, then what is this religion? We will no longer look for honesty in our Central Shrine. We will not look up to Abai or Olympia, if the oracle does not come true. Zeus is rightly named our master, and save his honor. Let his power govern for eternity! We will look oracle concerning Laius again, but if does not come true, we will not worship. Religion dies!

(Enter Jocasta)

Jocasta: Prince of Thebes, I have thought to look at the gods for help. Oedipus was very angry and distraught and was not in the condition to rule. He will listen to the present sanely, but he is all ears to news of the past. Since my words are spent on me, I come to you Apollo with a gift, take it, and absolve us of our problems. We are afraid for Oedipus because he is our guide and king for us, and he is running mad with fear

(Enter a messenger from Corinth)

Messenger: Can you show me, stranger, where the house of your Master, Oedipus is? Actually, do you know where the king is?

Chorus: It's right here, and he is here with his wife and mother of the house, the Queen.

Messenger: I hope she is blessed with children and happiness will never escape her home.

Jocasta: I wish you happiness, too. Your polite speech deserves nothing less. Tell me, what do you want? Do you have good news?

Messenger: I have good news for you and Oedipus.

Jocasta: Why, what is the good new, and who sent you here?

Messenger: I am from Corinth, and what I have to tell you is good, but it is partly sad.

Jocasta: How can bad news be good. C'mon tell me.

Messenger: The people of Corinth have chosen Oedipus as their King

Jocasta: Why is Polybus no longer the King?

Messenger: He's not King anymore, he has gone to his grave.

Jocasta: Dead! Is that what you are saying? Oedipus' father is dead?

Messenger: Well if he is not dead, then the sun rises in the west.

Jocasta: Quick tell Oedipus of this news.

Oracles of god what happened to you? The man that Oedipus feared, that drove Oedipus from his homeland, is now dead! It was not Oedipus that killed him...

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