Letter to 11th Grade Teacher

Dear 11th Grade Teacher,

Iíve done so much work this year in English that whatever you may throw at me will not surprise me. In the long run, I wonít resent you for giving us dull boring busy work, but while doing the work, itís a different story.

Since Iíll be taking AP History, that means Iíll be taking American Literature. Well lucky me since I love to read. Go to my annotated reading list to see what sort of books Iíve read in the past. I basically enjoy anything that has an exciting story line, and when I say exciting I donít mean action exactly. It just has to stimulate my brain in one way or another. I will thoroughly enjoy all the reading we do next year.

Now concerning this portfolio, I will never do another standard portfolio after doing this one digitally. Itís so much easier, less time consuming, and just more ascetically appealing. They both take hard work to make it presentable, but this one, the work is more permanent. More people can see it and you cam show off what youíre proud of. So please consider letting us do it digitally, because Iím sure a lot of us will choose this path.

Next year, I except us to be doing a lot of reading. And along with reading of course comes analyzing, which can give me a headache sometimes. But when it all falls together everything just makes sense. Iím not quite sure what this course entails because itís not just English anymore. Itís a lot more specific: American Literature. But like any other English teacher, Iím sure youíll still make us write essays, commentaries, journals, and probably novels. Writing isnít exactly strong on my part, but I try and I canít say Iím terrible at it. But there are definitely other things Iíd rather be doing, reading being one of them along with everything else a teenager loves to do.

Over this summer, Iíll be taking a trip to China, so American Literature wonít exactly be at the top of my list, considering I wonít even be in the same country. Weíre always required to read two books, and Iíve always exceeded that, so the same thing will probably happen this year, too. Are there any books you would recommend us reading?

I look forward to a new year of learning, but you have no idea how much Iím looking forward to this summer! See you next year. One more note. Every teacher has said that we were the best class theyíve ever had, I hope youíre not disappointed.