Autobiography in the style of Laurence Ferlinghetti's

I am just a little girl,

Leading an ordinary life.

I had my first baby on March 24,

I named him Mark,

After his father,

Who was only 20.

I was a Girl Scout for a month,

Until I realized how boring a brownie was.

I played with Anne,

Since I lived next door,

On the banks of the Huang He.

I remember how I used to always question,

Why my house was smaller than Laura’s,

As we gathered eggs every morning.

I was born in the city,

I was just another number added,

To the growing population.

I remember my grandmother’s cooking,

The day my mom left.

I went to Tienman Square,

But I managed to catch the first plane out.

I got locked in the bathroom on American Airlines,

The door was apparently too heavy.

My mom was at La Guardia,

I still recognized her.

She’s one of my best friends,

I tell her everything.

I am just a little girl,

Leading an ordinary life.

I had friends fake and real,

Chasing each other in the alley.

I was a Handmaid years ago,

And I watched the innocent limply hang.

I babysat a boy,

He was named after the Count of Monte Cristo.

I was a gymnast on the balance beams,

At the same time mastering ballet, tap, and jazz.

I was born before the New Year,

And I brought good luck to everyone.

I inspired Matisse with my colors and patterns,

While I sat thinking with Rodin.

I have a friend that shares my birthday,

We are going to watch fireworks on Memorial Day,

From atop the Forbidden Palace.

I fell in love with Aladdin,

And wanted more than anything to be Jasmine.

I was Mulan when she crossed the Great Wall,

I pulled out my sword and defeated the Hun.

I wanted to be friends with Claudia, Kristen, Mallory, and Dawn,

As the Wardrobe beckoned me to go.

I saw Witches with no hair and square toes,

And I tied the Centipede’s one hundred shoes.

I comforted Jo when her sister died,

But I never forgave Amy for taking my man.

I am just a little girl,

Leading an ordinary life.

I watch the old people play Bingo every week.

One man with a cigar winks at me.

One woman with green hair asks me my name.

Another woman complains when I help others.

Every week, once a week.

I rode on a chariot,

And Cleopatra drove by.

She waved to me,

But I was too busy with Marc Anthony.

The music plays in my head,

Over and over, as if I am still in the front row.

I have tasted cow’s brains,

But I have never touched a cow.

I sat with Newton under his apple tree,

As I discovered gravity.

Gallelio used that telescope,

That I invented years ago.

I classified with Linneaus,

As I performed surgery on Gage.

I developed the X-rays,

Upon Roselyn’s request.

I was swimming in the Nile,

When Ghandi got his Nobel Peace Prize.

I was in a Buddhist monastery,

The day Christ was crucified.

I was a judge at Salem,

When I held hands with the Devil.

I am running naked through the woods,

And I am yet to be found.