Semester Assessment

Having finished 50% of the school year already, it is time for you to respond to the class so far. As a class we have read eight novels, written many journals, had many discussions, written newspaper articles, written personal narratives, learned how to write in HTML, how to make web pages, and written a comparative literary research paper. That's not bad for six months of work!

The objective of this assignment is for you to provide honest, thoughtful, reflective information concerning YOUR view of events in class so far. As teachers, we are limited in our view of the class and of the material covered. We try to do it all, but it's impossible for us to be truly successful without considering the views of our students. Therefore, this metacognitive assignment exists.

Directions: Answer the questions below as thoughtfully, honestly, and completely as possible. Where possible, clearly explain your point through examples and elaboration. Publish document to your web page and hand in a hard copy by Friday, Feb. 19.

1. How do you feel concerning the pace of the course so far? Was the pacing of the research paper adequate for you to complete the entire assignment with the deadlines provided?

The pacing of the research paper was fine, because we got time to do everything, and then everything got pucshed back and then pushed back ever more, so that was good. That gave us adequete time. But this new project needs to be extended. I don't think I'll have enough time for this, because of all this reading. It takes a long time to read, and then journal too. It's very tedious.

2. Did the structure of the research assignments help you? Why or why not? How did you feel about the way classroom time was organized? The library time? The lab time?

The way the time was organized was good because it gave us time in each place, enough time to do everything we needed to. But more computer lab time is always appreciated! The way you made us organize the notecards really helped me in the long run, so thank you!

3. What did you think of the books we selected for the research paper reading list?

I really enjoyed reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. The latter was better becaue it moved a lot faster and more things happened, but they were both great books. I recommend thses books to anyone, because neither of them took too long to read.

4. Do you feel competent in the research process? Did you have difficulties which were/were not addressed?

I had difficulties but they were addressed sooner or later. I was a little disorganized when it came to my sources and all their publishing dates and that stuff, but I got it sorted out so that's good. Otherwise, since I got a 98, I think I'm pretty competent.

5. How do you feel about the digital portfolios now? Has your opinion changed/stayed the same?

My opinion has stayed the same. I liked it in the beginning, and I still like it now.

6. If you were to be given the opportunity to work with your teacher on updating and revising this project, what would you change? And why would you change it?

I would need to change the presentation of my webpage. It doesn't look athsetically (I tried) pleasing. I need to make it prettier, it's kind of of dull at the moment.

7. What would you do differently, knowing what you now know if we were to do a lesson similar to this in the future?

I wouldn't do anything different if we were to do a digital portfolio in the future, except like I said before give us a book with alll the tags which you've already done. I live on that thing.

8. What piece of your digital portfolio, including your research paper already/soon to be added to your web site, are you most proud of having for the public reading? Why? Which represents the greatest growth in your writing skills? Specify the improved skills. Which do you think is the most interesting for others to read? Why?

That really depends on the person. Most people would like the personal narrative because it's a story type of a thing. But if you want to learn, I suggest you read the comparative essay. I thought that was a good example of one of my best works.

9. If a neutral person asked you about this unit, and you weren't in a good mood but not a bad one either, what would you say? What criteria would you use to make this statement?

Well, I'm never in a bad mood, and I'm always in a good one, so I'd say this is a worth while unit. We've accomplished so much, more than I've ever accomplished in an English class in my entire life. So I think we've gotten really far, and I think that's a good thing. Sometimes I feel pressed for time, but I get over it.

10. Tell us anything else that's on your mind concerning this project, even if it is a reiteration of previous thought.

I portfolio project is a worthwhile thing because it's a lot of fun to be on the computer creating something out of works you've already created. Time is a big problem in this class, so I think you need to be a little more lenient.