My Name is Asher Lev

Journal 2

Chapter 2

Basically in chapter 2, Asher fails as a student and his parents ignore him. Since he gets no attention, he goes almost everyday to see Yudel Krinsky. Reb Yudel talks to Asher and answers all of his questions without sweeping him away like dust. Asher appreciates that and keeps going back for more. I feel that Asher is going to do something that heís never done before to get his parents attention. He deserves it because heís only eight years old; he needs all the stimulation he can get. Because once he does something, his parents will realize that theyíve been ignoring him all this time.

If nobody cares about Asher, heís not going to care about his schoolwork. Heís not going to think anything matters any more and continue to fail all his tests and quizzes. Heís not happy any more, and I have a feeling that that heís going to make himself happy. To do that, heís going to start drawing again and show everyone what heís capable of doing. Itís the one thing in the world where he excels at, and heís going to show everyone now. Thatís one way that he might go to get the attention he wants.

The events of Russia are going to come to a climax. I think that Asherís father might be going there if the Rebbe asks him to. I read the beginning of Chapter 3 and it says Stalin dies. Now I definitely believe heís going to go. Itís as if all the danger has been erased. If he goes, heíll save so many more people. But then whatís probably going to happen is heíll get hurt. It doesnít seem like a happy book. The mood is so dark and glum and itís always winter! That just adds to the depressing ambience of the entire book.

How did Stalin really die? I donít think the book it correct.

Anyway, Asherís mom. She is so unpredictable. One day sheís in the worst mood, another day happy. One day sheís yelling at Asher and another day sheís saying what a terrible mother she is. I think the pressure sheís putting on herself to finish her brotherís work in his name is stressing her out completely. Sheís so scared things arenít going to go her way and to some extent she should be worried, but not that much. Sheís going to have a break down if she continues expecting so much from herself, because one day itís not going to be there.